The Neck Breac System is the most efficient and most effective empty hand Active-Shooter & Terrorist-Interdiction System that you can find. There is nothing that comes next to it. Even if other systems claim that they have Neck Breaks too, there is no other system on this planet that made a Science out of it and that is specialiced in that field


Why Neck Breaks?

Well, they are the only nearly 100% Empty Hand Techniques that you can use in a Life and Death Situation. All other Techniques may work 80% to 90% but you still have the problem that you can not be shure of the result. We use Knock Out Techniques on Vital Points as an entry to each Neck Break but if this is not working and you have to face for example 4 more Attackers with knifes you have the Neck Break Back Up in the same move. If the KO works of course there is no need to go further.



Well, no matter what empty hand system you train you always have the following problem.


You have MULTIPE TARGETS (Kicking, Puntching, Grappling, Blocking several areas on the body),

You DO NOT know the RESULT (Course maybe the Terrorist used Painkillers, Drugs, and so on). You do not know if he is going to go down or not after your technique.


Well, lets see the Neck Break System!


You have ONE TARGET (THE NECK) and you do anything to get there course...



Is the System a normal Self Defense System?

No definatly not. We have a civilian module also but this course id just for absolut worst case scenarios like a Terrorist or Active Shooter Attack.


Can everybody take part?

No, we want to see clearence Certificate of each participant and we reserve the right to refuse people the right to participate.


Why this name?

Well, we call it what it is and there is nothing that can compare to that in time efficiency and combat effectiveness. In the past we got a lot of feedback from Martial Artists that started arguing with us about this system. Funny wise they all where from Martial Arts (originally all Martial Arts are for killing, just for the record) and Weapon Systems like Silat (Killing with knife), Combat Shooting (Killing with Pistol and Rifle), Bujinkan (Killing with multiple weapons), and so on. Well in this system they all use weapons and nobody can tell that this weapons are not for killing and they call it self defense... What a Fars!

We do not say that we teach self defense, we teach an absolut Worst Case Scenario System that is designed to give you a chance in Life & Death Situations like Active Shooters and Terrorist Attacks. This is definatly not for Civilian Self Defense.


Instructor Courses:

This year we are going to release the totaly updated System to the world and we are looking for Instructors that are willing to build up the Neck Break System under its rules and guidelines in their countries as Country Representatives. Each module takes 1 to 2 weeks training and a test to get certified as an Instructor.


More informations will be given privatly.

If you are interested to organice an Instructor Course in your country or you want to take part at one please feel free to contact us via email at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

You also can CLICK HERE to get a more detailed describtion of the system.


Instructor Coreses:

Walldorf / Germany; June 13th to June 17th in 2016