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The Concept of Power in Chinese Martial Arts

By Jonathan Bluestein

It is often justifiably said that to understand deeply the Chinese martial arts, one has to research to an extent the Chinese language as well. One of the least understood ideas in Chinese martial arts happens to be the use of Power, and that misunderstanding stems from differences of culture and language.

The Lost Book of Kushanku

The Bubishi has long been regarded as the ‘Bible of Karate’, an anthology of Chinese martial arts and related information that was taken to Okinawan in the 1800s.

But what if another document was taken to Okinawa even earlier in the 1700s? A document that became the very foundations on which Karate was built?

That document is THE LOST BOOK OF KUSHANKU and reveals the identity of the illusive master Kushanku.



Happy New Year 2016

The Okuden Circle wishes Happy New Year to the whole OC Family and to all other friends and Supporters around the world. Today is the 31st of December and we look back to an exciting and awesome Year.

At the beginning of this year we had our annual Ambassador Gathering in February which was followed by Jim Corn's Birthday Bash in April. This was by far one of the Greatest and most funny Events ever.

James E Corn organiced the first collaborational Seminar together with Mark Kline and Gianluca Frisan from Kyusho.Expert to show that politics nether should be in the way to learn from each other. It was a huge success and it definatly showed a point.

In August we had our first Open European Gathering with a lot of great Instructors and Masters that showed and explained their arts. Most of the people from the Instructor College Mannheim made and passed their Shodan Test there in an unbelivable good quality.

Instructors have been:

Merry Christmas

Weihnachtszeit, Besinnlichkeit...

Das Jahr 2015 neigt sich dem Ende zu und es beginnt die schönste Zeit des Jahres. Die Familien kommen zusammen, es wird gut gegessen und man besinnt sich auf das was war und das was sein wird.

Traditionell wird mit dem Weihnachtsfest die Geburt Jesus Christus gefeiert mit dem eine frohe Botschaft der Liebe, Einheit, Brüderlichkeit und Menschlichkeit einher geht.

Benjamin Cem Gencoglu und das gesamte Team des Okuden Circle wünschen Dir eine wundervolle Zeit im Geiste der Weihnacht und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr. Möge das neue Jahr auch für Dich viele frohe Botschaften bereithalten.


Merry Christmas...