Join or Renwe for 2016

Es ist mal wieder soweit, das Jahr 2015 neigt sich dem Ende, es beginnt die wunderschöne Weihnachtszeit und man bereitet sich so langsam auf das Jahr 2016 vor. 

Das gesamte Team des Okuden Circle möchte sich in diesem Sinne bei all seinen Supportern und Ambassadors bedanken. Es war ein wunderbares Jahr mit euch allen.

Zuerst hatten wir unser wunderbares Ambassador Gathering im Februar, dann haben wir auf Jim Corn's Birthday Bash so richtig die Korken knallen lassen und im August haben auf unserem ersten offenen Gathering gleich 10 Freunde aus der OC Familie die Prüfung zum 1. Dan bestanden und sind somit im Team der Full-Instruktoren angekommen.

Auch für nächstes Jahr stehen wieder tolle Zeiten an und es sind einige Events geplant. Auch möchten wir euch daran erinnern, dass jetzt die beste Zeit zum Beitritt oder zum Verlängern für 2016 ist. Darum hier alle weiteren Infos:

Okuden Circle Instructor College 2015 in Mainz

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3 Jahre - 2 Instruktoren - 1 Ziel

Werde Full-Instruktor im Jim Corn Kyusho Jitsu und OC-System

The Cappuccino Analogy (Part 1)

The Cappuccino Analogy (Part 1)

A friend and student of mine told me once a great analogy about martial art and cappuccino and I liked it so much, that I have to share it. It also helps to get a better understanding of some trainings that are done but make no sense at the beginning.

It is based on the 3 levels of martial art.

• The physical level (70%)

• The psychical level (25%)

• The energetical level (5%)

He said, that based on that martial art is like a cappuccino.

The coffee is the physical level and the biggest part to achieve. You can drink it alone and even then it is good. That means that with good physical skills alone you are able to defend yourself.

Biomechanics and Psychophysiology

"All the endless variety of external manifestations of brain activity is reduced finally to a single phenomenon - muscular movement."



Mechanics - the study of movement in space (i.e. mechanical motion) and the balance of material bodies (media) under the action of forces. Whether and to what extent the laws of mechanics can be applied to a living organism is determined by biomechanics. It studies the biomechanics of those patterns of living organism that allow it to perform mechanical (static and dynamic) tasks with minimal energy cost of muscle contraction.

The man regarded as biomechanics biomechanical design, consisting of a system of bone levers, which are connected by joints and ligament-muscular system, providing 256 degrees of freedom of man.

Square, Circle, Triangle

Some thoughts about the Square, Circle and Triangle:

When we look at the square, the circle and the triangle we most of the time see that attached to Aikido. Ueshiba Morihei (植芝 盛平)used them to describe parts of his art. Most of the time people look at them in philosophical matter what is great and it is important to understand his idea of Aikido.

Let’s look at these geometrical shapes from another angel and think a bit deeper in body mechanics. Please understand also that this article is only about free thoughts and experiences. It should not insult someone or make any discredit to any person. It is also not the only truth about that.

The square, circle and triangle are also the geometrical fundament of Chi 地, Sui 水, Ka 火, Fu 風, Ku 空 what is also symbolized by square, circle, triangle, semicircle and the flame.