The Importance of training with modern weapons in traitional martial arts is totaly underestimated. Through the centuries weapon training was one of the fundamentals of martial art training and that  of course for many different reasons.

But what kind of weapons and reasons?

You can agree or disagree but martial art at its very natuer was designed for fighting and killing in first place. You may also say that it is for a deeper mind, body and spirit development but in first place it is designed for fighting or killing your opponend. Since the beginning it always adjusted their weapon technology to the modern possibillities. Why not today?

People hide behind the term original, historical or autentic. They say that for example sword was a weapon in their art so they have to train that. Nothing wrong with it but what is with guns and rifles?

Most of the times when an art was put together it used the most modern weapon technology of that time and 500 years ago it was the sword. I am not saying that training sword does not have also other benefits and of course people should train it but as a real martial artist you also have to adapt your art to modern times and technologies and improve it. One adaption is to include Tactical and combative firearmstraining to your art course that is one of the most modern technologies that normal people can get.

In Okuden Circle we saw that gap and we are proud that we closed it and we just can recomend you to do so too. We offer regulary firearms trainings with our Instructors in USA and we welcome everybody who wants to join us. So if you are interested please feel free to contact us.

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