The Okuden Circle wishes Happy New Year to the whole OC Family and to all other friends and Supporters around the world. Today is the 31st of December and we look back to an exciting and awesome Year.

At the beginning of this year we had our annual Ambassador Gathering in February which was followed by Jim Corn's Birthday Bash in April. This was by far one of the Greatest and most funny Events ever.

James E Corn organiced the first collaborational Seminar together with Mark Kline and Gianluca Frisan from Kyusho.Expert to show that politics nether should be in the way to learn from each other. It was a huge success and it definatly showed a point.

In August we had our first Open European Gathering with a lot of great Instructors and Masters that showed and explained their arts. Most of the people from the Instructor College Mannheim made and passed their Shodan Test there in an unbelivable good quality.

Instructors have been:


-Grandmaster James E. Corn (Kyusho Jutsu, Ryukyu Kempo)

-Suhu Gordon Pollard (Black Flag Wing Chun)

-Wolfgang Kuhnhen (Kyusho Jutsu, Ninjutsu)

-Gregor Hänggi (Kyusho Jutsu, Calligraphy Health)

-Heiko Jacobi (Kyusho Jutsu, Chinadi)

-Jens Krüger (Ryukyu Kempo, Kyusho Jutsu)

-Volker Zaake (Kyusho Jutsu, Systema)

-Elias Baumgartl (Trance Learning Strategies and Concepts)

-Markus Mülle (First Aid Session)

-Benjamin Cem Gencoglu (Kyusho Jutsu, Body Geometrics)

-And the most important person Alexandra Medebach!!! Without her efford and all the Cakes and Coffy it would not be the same.

Thank you all for making that sutch an unforgetable Event!!


In September we had our annual Tactical Shooting course followed by our American Gathering in Indiana/USA.

The Shoting was led by Micheal Willis from the SWAT and James E. Corn and at this point we want to thank our 2 brothers for their effort they put in that course. It was mindblowing and funny as hell. Thank you!!!


The Gathering was again a mindblowing exoerience with so many Great Instructors from America and Germany and many many different topics. People from America and Europe attended this Event and all agreed that it was more then worth the tripp.

Instructors have been:

-Grandmaster James E.Corn (Kyusho Jutsu, Ryukyu Kempo)

-Jim Greenwood (Kyusho Jutsu, Ryukyu Kempo)

-Richard Smithhart (Kyusho Jutsu, Ryukyu Kempo)

-Benjamin Cem Gencoglu (Body Geometrics, Neck Break System)

-Gary Boaz (Kyusho Jutsu, Aikido)

-Shawn Steiner (Kyusho Jutsu, Sub Level 4 Kempo)

-Jason Graham (Kyusho Jutsu, Aikido)

-Niko Huffman (Kyusho Jutsu, Systema)

Thank you all for coming and sharing and making this sutch a great Seminar...Thank You!!!!


We also want to congratulate all our brothers that tested for Dan-Ranks this year:

1st Dan Kyusho Jutsu:

-Alexandra Medebach

-Spyridon Mavridis

-Roger Morgenthal

-Stephan Runow

-Ingo Punnessen

-Tilo Kuscyk

-Uwe Irgenowski (The most epic test ever)

-Michael Bierbaum


2nd Dan Kyusho Jutsu:

-Jens Krüger

-Volker Zaake

-Peter Schiepe

-Henry Rieche

-Jason Graham

-Niko Huffman


4th Dan Kyusho Jutsu

-Wolfgang Kuhnhen

-Gregor Hänggi


Congratulations to all of you, you made outstanding tests!!!


Before we come to an end we just want to announce that our Online Akademy up to 5th Kyu in Kyusho Jutsu is now online. More then 100 Videos with more then 4 hours of material are available online on our Homepage for an amount of 50,-€ per year (January 1st to December 31st). This is just a Serice for our Supporters and Ambassadors and not for the public. This is not about selling selling selling and making big promices, this is just the best educational material and just for OC Family members. You want to know more? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Again Happy New Year to all of you! We look forward to make 2016 an even better Year!!!


Your Team from Okuden Circle