For Supporters who would like to support this project to a higher degree, there is the possibility to become an official Ambassador (Representative) of the Okuden Circle and with that the opportunity to carry the idea further by teaching the different arts after the specific graduation in that Style.

The freedom of every individual - to train with whom and where they want to learn - is very important to us.

It is also a priority that the individual sections stay independent. What that means is, each section can have a different structure for graduations and levels. There may be additional charges incurred for each sections. These fees shall be paid by the supporters if he/she wants to become a teacher within the Okuden Circle for that section and its specific curriculum.

This will be shown separately in the sections listed below.

ONLY Supporters can become Ambassadors. All license fees cover January 1st through December 31st each year.


Supporter Fee + Ambassador Concession Fee:

15,-€ one time payment for Pass and Patch

50,-€ per year (Covers 1st of January through 31st of December)

75,-€ Concession Fee per year (Covers 1st of January through 31st of December)

(5,-€ Service Fee ONLY on payments with Paypal)

Shipping and handling are included in aforementioned fees.


Bank Transfer:

Bank: PostFinance

Okuden Circle; 7000 Chur

Account Number: 91-871932-6

IBAN: CH66 0900 0000 9187 1932 6


Reason for transfer: "First and Last Name"



Please fill out and sign the REGISTRATION FORM and send it to our member office.

Alexandra Medebach

Bannstraße 32

35576 Wetzlar


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Each year there will be 2 Ambassador gatherings, which are included in the concession fee.

Our philosophy and logic behind this is that  by bringing all Okuden Circle Ambassadors together twice per year – we can  ensure an exchange of knowledge, cultivate friendships, and build camaraderie via teambuilding and workshops.